Grass Tetany in Cattle SmarTalk™

Grass Tetany in Cattle

Magnesium is an essential nutrient for all animals, serving a variety of vital functions within the body. The absence of adequate magnesium in the diets of grazing animals can cause a serious metabolic disorder known as “Grass Tetany.”

Body Conditioning Scoring Beef Cows SmarTalk™

Body Condition Scoring Beef Cows

The most inefficient cow is the one that fails to cycle and breed. Quickly evaluate the health status of your cattle. BCS 1-9.

Magnesium Research SmarTalk™

Magnesium Research

Magnesium is an essential nutrient for all animals. Mild deficiencies can result in reduced feed intake, poor diet digestion, and bone abnormalities. More severe deficiencies can cause a serious metabolic disorder known as “Grass Tetany.”

Cattle Performance SmarTalk


Protein frequently is the most limiting nutrient for cattle wintered on poor to moderate quality harvested forages as well as for mature cows and growing cattle grazing dormant grass pastures and crop residues.

Forage Utilization SmarTalk™

Forage Utilization

SmartLic® research has demonstrated that supplementation with SmartLic blocks can effectively improve forage intake and cattle performance.

Goat Nutrition & Feeding SmarTalk™

Goat Nutrition & Feeding

Goats are ruminants and thus have a digestive system that includes a complex four-compartment stomach. This type of digestive system enables goats to utilize a wide variety of feedstuffs including grains, protein supplements, hay, silage, pasture, browse and non-protein nitrogen sources such as urea.

Fly Control Products

Fly Control Products

SmartLic NE-22 IGR, NE-Mag 22 IGR, NE-30 IGR and MinLic IGR supplements fortified with Altosid®, offer the most effective and convenient way to control horn flies in beef and dairy cattle. Altosid helps reduce horn fly populations by breaking the life cycle of the fly, preventing the development of biting adult flies.

FlaxLic & Omega-3 Research

FlaxLic & Omega-3 Research

FlaxLic is an all-natural supplement that contains a high level of Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), an omega-3 fattyacid. FlaxLic contains 15% fat, which is derived predominantly from flaxseed and edible linseed (flaxseed) oil. FlaxLic also is highly fortified with essential vitamins and minerals.