29 Nov 2016

Supplemental Protein Shown to Improve Cattle Performance on Poor Quality Forages


Cattle Performance: The Protein Factor

Protein frequently is the most limiting nutrient for cattle wintered on poor to moderate quality harvested forages as well as for mature cows and growing cattle grazing dormant grass pastures and crop residues. Ample amounts of protein are required in order for cattle to efficiently harvest energy from forage-based feeds. Protein is needed to support a healthy, active population of fiber-digesting microorganisms in the stomach.

Consequently, when dietary protein is limiting, fiber digestion is not optimal.  Poor digestion results in inefficient energy use, and often decreases feed intake too. The combined effect of these factors is a significant decrease in overall energy balance for the animal. This can limit growth rate of young animals or lead to poor body condition scores in reproducing cows and heifers. (more…)

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28 Jun 2013

New Generation Supplements Acquires Western Feed Supplements


BELLE FOURCHE, SDNew Generation Supplements, manufacturer of SmartLic feed supplements announced the recent acquisition of Western Feed Supplements, Silver Springs, Nevada from its parent company Western Milling, Goshen, Calif.

Western Feed Supplements specializes in the manufacture of low moisture blocks, pressed blocks and loose minerals for the beef, dairy, equine, goat and sheep industries. According to New Generation Supplements CEO Dick Wark, the Western Feed Supplement facility, which includes 11,000 square feet of production and warehouse space, will undergo an equipment and technology upgrade.

He said, “We are very excited about expanding our presence in this marketplace, while maintaining a strong relationship with the Western Milling distribution and dealer network. We are looking forward to bringing new technology to the plant and continuing to provide good jobs in the community.”

New Generation Supplements manufactures SmartLic supplements and The Feed In A Drum supplements, university research proven to provide herd nutrition throughout the production cycle. The low moisture blocks provide nutrients to optimize forage utilization and reproductive performance. SmartLic supplements are designed to be fed with all types of pastures or forages. The continuous flow process used to create the supplements is protected by two U.S. patents.

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