A Group of Top Feed Industry Veterans

New Generation Supplements is a fast track company that came together in late June of 1997. A group of top feed industry veterans purchased Animal Feed Supplement, Inc. in Poteau, Oklahoma with the financial backing of Carr’s Group plc, a large, diversified agri-business in the United Kingdom.

Carr’s first became involved in the low-moisture block business in 1993 with the purchase of Pfizer’s British plant and its international rights to the CRYSTALYX trademark. Carr’s has exported blocks manufactured under the Caltech, CRYSTALYX label and the McKenzie batch process patent, which expired in 1993.

New Generation Supplements

Animal Feed Supplement, Inc. also manufactured their products under the CRYSTALYX label until 1993, when they began developing their new patented process and began marketing under their own The Feed In A Drum label. The Poteau facility will continue to service it’s valued customers with The Feed in A Drum product line and also manufacture the new SmartLic® line of supplements.

Animal Feed Supplement, Inc. (AFS) Logo

Distribution of the SmartLic® supplements will be through a rapidly growing authorized dealer network.

New Generation Supplements has highly experienced people and has developed extensive turnkey marketing and training programs. These programs have successfully launched this new nutrient dense product line into today’s competitive market.

Authorized Dealer Network

Low-Moisture “Big Block” Company

New Generation Supplements is a new low-moisture “big block” company with two state-of-the-art, high capacity, manufacturing plants. One plant is located in Poteau, Oklahoma to serve the Southern market and the other plant is located in Belle Fourche, South Dakota to serve the Midwest and Western markets.

These two facilities are manufacturing SmartLic® supplements with a new continuous flow patented process that is highly efficient and makes a harder, more consistent, nutrient dense product that will help today’s cattlemen in minimizing their feed costs.

These highly fortified blocks are noticeably different when compared to other “big blocks.” SmartLic® is “Nutritionally Engineered®” to efficiently provide essential nutrients to support reproductive performance and enhance forage utilization.

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